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Once inside you'll learn...

  • Which options identify the years of Volkswagen THING, and which one is the most conculsive. 
  • What year the VW THING-ACAPULCO style was made for
  • The correct factory options, for the Volkswagen THING and for what year they were built for.  
  • Did you know the names Safari Volkswagen, type 181, and vw181 are also names for the Volkswagen THING?  
  • VW Kubelwagen led to the development of the 1973 THING. 
  • Why certain Volkswagen THING "options" are extremely valuable to other Volkswagen enthusiats. And why Safari Volkswagen Thing Owners must protect these! 
  •  A skid plate on the engine of your THING may not tell you anything about a 1973 THING or a 1974 THING. 

  And that’s just a  tiny   sample!

You can get all the details right now by downloading the  VW    THING Identifier (Type 181 identifier) . Just fill out the short, easy form on the right to get started.










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  Safari Volkswagen

  Safari Volkswagen  


 Acapulco THING

SECRET #4: Here's a VW THING that was NOT available in 1973. It also has a Volkswagen Factory Accessory on it that was NOT offered by VW at that time, in 1973 or 1974! Do you know what it is? I will give you a hint, its not a 1973 acapulco thing.

Volkswagen Kubelwagen

SECRET #11: The history of  the VW THING can be found in the Kubelwagen from WWII. 

2 VW type 181's

SECRET #23: Why Sales slowed on the Volkswagon THING.

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Why vwthing history matters??  

VW Acapulco Thing